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That would be me. My name is Jen, I'm a twelve year old who lives in California. In the fall I'll be starting eighth grade. I've been interested in figure skating since...hmmmm...about 1992 when I was six, watching the Olympics. I used to skate but I don't anymore. It's really hard, you don't know until you try it :) So I guess I respect all skaters a lot because of that. The sports I like to play include volleyball and soccer.

My thoughts on skating
Among my favorite pairs teams are Tiffany and Johnnie, of course, and Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze. I have a website about them here. I can't really say which I prefer; it's hard to compare because B&S are already World Champs and S&S are just coming out of juniors. Also Kazakova and Dmitriev are great. In singles, I love to watch Michelle Kwan, Katia Gordeeva (G&G were my favorite), Todd Eldredge, and Elena Sokolova. I think Elena's going to be a champion someday. She's so fun to watch, like S&S. I guess it's a trait of younger skaters. Michael Weiss is somewhat inconsistent, but he's a classic skater - has the lines and edges like Boitano. In dance, I like Bourne and Kraatz's Riverdance program because of the momentum. Their other programs are ok but not as good as Riverdance. I also get a kick out of watching Krylova and Ovsiannakov. Their skating is great but when I watch them skate Carmen I can't enjoy it until I get over fearing for Oleg's life!

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