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Skating Record: Reviews

Have you seen the Stieglers compete or perform? Please submit a review by filling out this form.

An Evening of Championship Skating
Submitted by Robert
I went to this event last year, and I thought that the Steiglers were wonderful. I have seen them on t.v. before, but this was the first time that I was privlidged enough to be able to watch them skate in person. They did their "All that Jazz" show number, and they were wonderful. They have so much presentation, and are so much in sync'. They did a HUGE throw double loop. They are truly awesome!

1999 World Junior Selections
Submitted by zac241
This was my first time seeing the Stieglers skate. I thought they did an excellent job and they are really what everybody is raving about! They will be the future of pairs skating. They finished second.

1998 World Junior Championships
Submitted by Jack
I only saw their long program, but it was amazing. The program was so amazing, and they're so young, I don't know how they interpeted it. I also think they should have been ahead of Vlandis & Guzman

1998 Goodwill Games
Submitted by
I saw the Stieglers Sunday night during the exhibition dance.(1998 Goodwill Game)They were awesome. What I thought was neat was that they were a brother/ sister duo!!!

1998 World Junior Championships
Submitted by Jessica Smith
I saw them practice, and compete for two weeks! They were awesome. When someone would mispronounce their name in the practices, they would look at each other, smile, and almost giggle! I thought they should have done better the 8th place! Natalie (Vlandis) and Jared (Guzman) were not as good as Tiffany and Johnnie and they placed fourth! I was happy at first because they were first after their skate. I was sitting right by the kiss and cry area and I could tell Johnnie was very mad and Tiffany didn't look as mad, but I think they knew they didn't have it! I love all of their costumes, especially the ones that are blue, the ones that looks like Romeo & Juliet and fade from white to dark blue. I'm not completely sure what they wear these ones for, long or short, but they rock! Anyway, I think they are the best skaters I've seen in a long time!

1998 Nationals Long Program
Submitted by Amy
The Stieglers were the highlight of this event particularly after Meno+Sand had to withdraw. For the last 15-20 seconds of their program, after their Arabian-type lift (sorry-not sure what this is called) the crowd was standing and going nuts-including me! Even in the warm-ups, I couldn't take my eyes off of them, especially Tiffany- she is very much like the young Gordeeva. They have what it takes!

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