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Latest News: Headlines

Tiffany and Johnnie will skate in "An Evening With Champions" - an exhibition in Boston, October 23 - 25. Visit the appearances page for more info.

The Stieglers finished 2nd at the 1999 World Junior Team Selection Competition. Good job Tiffany and Johnnie! Final results:

  1. Laura Handy & Paul Binnebose
  2. Tiffany Stiegler & Johnnie Stiegler
  3. Jaisa Macadam & Garrett Lucash
  4. Katie Gadkowski & Derek Trent
  5. Larisa Spielberg & Craig Joeright
  6. Megan Sierk & Dustin Sierk
  7. Stephanie Kalesavich & Amaan Archer
  8. Emily Morgan & Justin Cogley
  9. Jessica Waldstein & Devin Patrick

World Junior Team Selection Competition is coming up Sept. 3 - 5! Here are competitors in the pairs competition:

  • Tiffany Stiegler & Johnnie Stiegler
  • Laura Handy & Paul Binnebose
  • Jaisa MacAdam & Garrett Lucash
  • Larisa Spielberg & Craig Joeright
  • Stephanie Kalesavich & Amaan Archer
  • Megan Sierk & Dustin Sierk
  • Emily Morgan & Justin Cogley
  • Jessica Waldstein & Devin Patrick
  • Katie Gadkowski & Derek Trent
Handy & Binnebose are probably the Stieglers' main competition. Details can be found on the Appearances page, or at the USFSA's page.

Grand Prix assignments are out. Tiffany and Johnnie have been assigned to Skate America and the Nations Cup. Full listings can be found at the USFSA Grand Prix page.

Tiffany and Johnnie placed 7th at the Goodwill Games. Click here for details.

According to Blades on Ice magazine, Tiffany and Johnnie's performance in the long program of Nationals has won the "Edi Award" for best performance at this year's Nationals! Congratulations to Tiffany and Johnnie!

For the upcoming 1998-1999 skating season, Tiffany and Johnnie hve been named to the International Team A by the USFSA.

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