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Bits and Pieces

Short Interview After 1998 Goodwill Games Exhibition

Alice Cook: Tiffany and Johnnie, you came to the Goodwill Games to gain some experience, what kind of things did you learn here?

Johnnie: Um, since this was our first senior international, we were on the ice with all the top from the Olympics and Worlds and we've just been looking at them and you know, seeing how they go through the week, pace themselves, and we've learned a lot and we're gonna try to do a little bit better in the next one.

Alice Cook: Tiffany, what was that like skating with the Russians?

Tiffany: It was really neat, because like, we'd see these people like you know, the last four years, and it was like "Oh my gosh!" you know I knew we'd skate with them one day but I didn't think we'd skate with them this early.

Alice Cook: Well, good luck!

Tiffany and JohnnieThank you!

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