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Tiffany and Johnnie Stiegler were both born in Santa Monica, California, Johnnie in 1982 and Tiffany in 1984. Their older sister Stephanie was a skater, so the two children began their careers early. Each began skating for the first time at the age of two.

It turned out that Tiffany and Johnnie were good singles skaters, but excellent pairs skaters. Together, they made an exceptional team, with a combination of poise, line, grace, and charisma unusual in young pairs skaters. At the 1993 Southwest Pacific Intermediate Championships, Johnnie was eleven years old, Tiffany only nine. Amazingly, the duo won the competition. Two years later, the couple won the competition again, but in a higher division, the novice division.

Johnnie and Tiffany always had the technical skills to compete with the best. However, like most young pairs, they really had to work hard on artistic expression. Their coach and choreographer, Irina Rodnina, helped them with this aspect of their skating, and their meteoric rise to the top of the figure skating world continued with a win at the 1997 United States Junior National Championships. Moving up to the senior division, Tiffany and Johnnie finished fourth at the 1998 United States Senior Nationals!

In their spare time, Tiffany and Johnnie like to rollerblade, surf, and ski. They admire their older sister Stephanie, a former U.S. National pair figure skating bronze medalist, and two-time Olympic champions Ekaterina Gordeeva and late Sergei Grinkov. These young champions have great potential and are sure to win many more gold medals in the future.

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